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Two fatal accidents in Cozumel in less than 48 hours

November , 2011. 14. Cozumel, Mexico.     Español

On Saturday November 12 Diver Bill Williams was killed when Fox was on a reef dive in the Santa Rosa and Sunday, the death of another diver in the waters of Cozumel. In the other accident diver died Argentine Jose Struch, 65 years, who lost his life on the reef "Santa Rita".

The accident occurred at 10:30 hours and the water body was rescued and taken to the Forensic Medical Service facilities  for necropsy and the causes of death.

When staff went instead Attorney General, the coordinator of Common Law Public Prosecutor Victor Manuel Sanchez de los Santos, agents of the State Judicial Police, experts in the field of criminology and Forensic Medical Service ambulance.

In the first research one of the instructors of diving services company, told authorities that Williams Bill Fox, 49 years, a native of New Jersey, United States, was accompanied on the dive with guide Tim Probert.

According to Williams, the guide began to make signs, noting that the diver was in a state of panic, desperate and scared, so he proceeded to his aid by a slow ascent to the surface to meet the standards in these cases but when they were near the surface the diver vanished.

Since Williams was raised surface to the boat and realized they had no pulse and quickly requested the presence of an ambulance. Nothing could be done, and who had died minutes before the arrival of medical assistance.

The experts proceeded to perform the removal of the body, and reportedly a possible cause for lack of research results could be asphyxia by drowning, but that is determined to have the results of the autopsy. The body was recognized by his wife Gail Fox

Those involved and witnesses were taken to court facilities Event to testify and present his version of events, while the vessel was held at the Caleta by the authorities.

Sunday again records the death of another diver in the waters of Cozumel. In this accident it was the diver Jóse Struch, 65 and nationality of Argentina, who lost his life while snorkeling on the reef "Santa Rita".

When the scene came elements of the Attorney General of Justice, Attorney General of Common Law and Judicial Police, who investigate how the accident happened.

As reported by witnesses, were diving on the reef "Santa Rita" in a scuba diving trip organized by a dive operator services. At one point during the dive, a diver went out asking for help to the staff area of ​​the boat and they came from nearby. The divers were informed that a diver was in the bottom of the sea without knowledge.

He quickly notify the authorities and came to the area rescue personnel aboard the ambulance hyperbaric chamber, who gave first aid to an injured diver to evacuate the premises of a clinic, where all efforts to save his life were in vain, as no vital signs recovered.

This is the second death occurs in less than 48 hours in Cozumel on Saturday after the death of William Bill Fox when he was diving on the reef Santa Rosa.

On October 17 the diver Peter Van Berg, 64 yearsold native of New York USA also died in a diving accident when he was making a dive sports in the area of ​​El Bajo, 4 miles from the  Espiritu Santo island. At the time of the event Peter Van Berg diver performing a dive out in the company of 18 other divers.  Read more diver dies in Mexico


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